Multiple streams of income. One of the biggest myths in the business and financial world. It is hurting you. It is hurting your business and it’s hurting your finance and your future. Now what am I talking about? You’ve heard of it. Hey, you need multiple streams of income.
I’ll share a little bit of story with you. When I was getting started, I first heard of the concept, multiple streams of income. It sounds like a very good idea. You wanna diversify. You wanna have multiple streams of income coming in. So here’s what I did. I was trying to do all kinds of things to make money. I was in the delivery business. I was in the vending machine business. I was trying do some stock trading on the side to make a little bit of money. Building up my little portfolio and try to sell something on a site in my spare time. And here’s the problem. I was fucking broke. I didn’t have multiple streams of income.
I had Shiny Object Syndrome. That’s what I had. Not multiple streams of income. Imagine this. You are drilling oil. Imagine this massive amount of wealth. Massive amount of oil. Waiting for you. Waiting for you. And you are drilling and drilling and drilling and you know what? You stop. Because you though, multiple streams of income.
Let me go drill here too. Let me drill this hole. Let me drill that hole.Let me drill that hole. And that’s what I did. I never made money from that because I wasn’t focused. I wasn’t focused on one thing, giving enough time. Here’s one thing that multiple streams of income never address, and it’s this. It takes a tremendous amount of time,
effort and energy to build a fucking business. To develop that one massive stream of income. Now you might be saying, but then, don’t rich people have multiple streams of income? Don’t they have stock portfolio? They have real estate holdings. They have different businesses. Yes, they do. Once they are fucking rich. Once you are rich, then you diversify.

But when you are building, you wanna focus on one thing at a time. Remember, wealth is committing to one idea. One odea over time. So here’s what you wanna do. You wanna focus on developing. Develop that one massive stream of income. Unless you get to at least a minimum, a million dollars a year, then you can think about, I wanna diversify. I want to do something else.
Until then, you fucking focus. You don’t do anything else. It is a good idea, once you are rich. Multiple streams of income is a horrible idea when you are just getting started. If you want to develop your first stream of income, that massive stream of income, subscribe and comment and join me on a two hour free training. I’m gonna show you. I’m gonna teach you how to develop
the first stream of income. Once you’re successful. Once you get to that certain point, then you can diversify and develop your multiple streams of income.

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